Desktop Studio+ delivered to Metal3D SA!

Efentakis Nikos

We proudly announce the arrival of our metal 3d production system "Studio+" from Desktop Metal. Commissioning has already started!

The 3D printer has been already set into production and the first samples have been already printed! 

 The debinder has been also commissioned and a debinding cycle has been set to run this night!

We are expecting the following days to have also the Furnace in operational condition.

We are initially testing material 17-4PH. A strong (1042MPa ultimate tensile) stainless steel, suitable for functional parts and –off course!- for low volume injection molds sub-inserts.

We already plan the production of the first sub-inserts for injection molds!

I wish to thank Mr. Massimo Ferreri for his great engineering work during the commissioning and also the Lino3D SA team for the support.