About Us

Our primary goal is to merge Additive Manufacturing into the traditional manufacturing environment.

Metal3D SA has been established in 2019 to offer a complete range of services in Additive and Traditional Manufacturing.

Due to our deep knowledge on both the traditional and additive manufacturing we can provide optimum solutions.

Stockoholders are Nikos Efentakis and Manos Bazigos, both having a long experience in custom manufacturing and run companies that succeded to have long lasting cooperations with multinational companies in highly demanding industries.

Nikos Efentakis was (until January 2019) Managing Director of DASYC SA -former Technika Plastika SA-, a company active in custom injection molding (specialized in engineering thermoplastics and BMC), toolmaking and composites manufacturing, and had effectively served for years companies from various sectors, including Electrical & Electronics Automotive, Defence and Aerospace.

Manos Bazigos currently Managing Director of N. Bazigos SA, a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative injection molds, progressive cutting and forming dies, high precision parts and custom engineering solutions for various applications including thin-wall packaging, shavers, and renewable energy systems. Its partners include large pharmaceutical industries, multinational manufactures of consumer and para-pharmaceutical products and shaving accessories, manufacturers of smart electricity meters and electromechanical systems, solar panel producers, gas canister bottling industries, thin-walled packaging producers and various other industries.

Metal3D SA is located in Mandra Attiki and its factory is located inside the premissses of company N. Bazigos SA.