Production of small lots

N. Efentakis

It is not a part for a jet engine! A simple metal cover to add a professional look on an ordinary product. Metal3D SA has brought 3D metal printing in everyday life!

Even so, not all parts are still suitable for 3D printing!

Regarding 3d printing, we should consider two main categories of parts:

1.  Parts with absolute limitations, i.e. those that are either only printable or not possible to be printed, due to material, shape or manufacturing time restrictions.

Only printable parts are those that incorporate design features that are not producible with the traditional methods (like parts that feature conformal channels) or parts that manufacturing time by traditional methods is beyond the demanded delivery time.

Not printable parts, are those that either shall be constructed from materials not available for 3D printing or parts that have mechanical specifications not met by the materials available for 3D printing. Also, parts that have size bigger than the maximum working envelope of the 3D printer and it is not allowed to be partially produced and welded.

2.  Parts, where 3d printing shall be justified in terms of quality, delivery time and cost, i.e. the vast majority of the parts!

Even so, for most of the metal parts currently under production, 3d printing it is still not economic, although compared to the alternative technologies (SLM, DMLS, MBJ etc), the technology offered by Metal3D SA metal 3d printing has made a substantial step from a technology suitable only on extreme industrial sectors and applications, towards a wider audience.

If you want to learn more regarding Metal3D SA and the services it offers, you can download a Company Presentation here.