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Like any production process, 3D printing introduces its own rules. It's not always possible, nor is it always adequate to produce with 3d printing exactly the same parts that has been designed for classic production processes.
We must take into account the particularities of this new production process. Both its weaknesses and its new potential.


To customize customer components to the requirements of the 3D printing process, our technical department undertakes to perform the DFM (Design For Manufacturing). Upon completion of this process, we will come up with the most appropriate component design adaptations and the most cost-effective and productive production process.

This adjustment will naturally take place in a way that fully respects the customer's requirements and will, of course, take full advantage of the particular capabilities of this production method.

For example. The most distinctive difference between BMD components and other metal components is that their internal masses are replaced by a dense (as long as necessary to maintain the necessary mechanical strength) space frame. Only the external surfaces become solid and actually of controlled thickness.

The orientation and quality of the inner netting, the thickness of the outer wall, the introduction of additional configurations to create artificial "external" surfaces (e.g., holes) to give specific areas of the component increased strengths are some of the techniques which we use to optimize the geometry of the component.

Additionally, the festures and attributes of the component that have requirements that can not be met by 3D printing must be precisely determined and studied. An important part that complements DFM is the definition of design modifications that will ensure that these requirements are met in the most cost-effective manner. This is a complex process that has to optimize both the quantity and the type and cost of additional special machining (CNC machining, holes / threads, surface recoil, coke polish) to be selected.