Manufacturing in the new Era

We seemlesly integrated 3d printing to the traditional production processes to benefit from the advantages of all available methods.

'3D printing (3DP) has left behind its status as niche technology. As a key element of the Industry 4.0 revolution, 3DP is evolving as a practicable alternative for both product development and conventional manufacturing. The time for further analysis and pilot projects within your R&D division has passed. The issue of 3DP in its broadest sense should now be top of mind at board level as they should drive the value of additive manufacturing throughout the organisation of their company.'

PwC Whitepaper 3D Printing 2018

Tools, Prototypes, Small series, Assemblies

From a 3d CAD model, a 2d engineering drawing, a sample or a sketch.

A 5-axis CNC machined part, a sheet metal component or an injection molded item.

A plastic or metal 3d printed part, as printed or after CNC machining, polishing or assembling.

Metal3D SA act as an one-stop-shop offering integrated services comprised of both its in-house 3d printing and production engineering capabilities and of manufacturing processes outsourced to linked or cooperating companies.

3D Printing of Plastic Parts

From concept to part in hours.

Plastic 3d printing is considered an established production process. In Metal3D we offer FDM and Stereolithography/SLA.
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3d Printing of Metal Parts

Printing of durable components

Metal 3D Printing has been a dream for long time.
After the first appearance of metal 3d printing machines on the market, expectations for a new era in manufacturing have been raised too high. As usually, a compromise has been established. Printing of complex end-use parts, avoidance of costly tooling for the production and reduced delivery times has been accompanied with compromises, including high production costs and the loss of material homogeneity..
Metal3D SA introduces a new production method for metal 3d printing. It is called Bound Metal Deposition. For a small compromise on part density and surface quality we get cheaper parts with uniform mechanical properties.

Currently stainless steel 17-4PH, Stainless Steel 316L, tool steel H13 and chromoloy steel 4140 are available for printing, but the list of available materials grows fast.
Maximum parts dimensions are 280mm x 170mm x 150mm, although sintered metal parts can be welded to form bigger components.

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Metal 3D Printing Applications

Conformal Cooling

'Soft' Injection Molds

Service Parts

End-of-Arm Tooling

Product Development

Design & Engineering

The geometric design freedom that comes with 3D printing also opens the door to an entirely new class of design leading to a new major benefit of Additive Manufacturing. The possibility of assembly consolidation, i.e. the combination of several parts into fewer, multi-functional assemblies.

Metal3D SA will provide to our customers all necessary know-how to benefit from these transformations.

3D Solid Modelling
Design for Manufacturing
Injection Molds Design
Finite Elements Analysis
Assembly Validation

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