3D Metal Printing of a mold cavity insert made of material H13 (Orvar)

Nikos Efentakis 3/21/2020
The H13 mold steel is now available for production in Desktop Metal's Studio System+.

Our first application is an injection mold insert.

This insert has been constructed with a stock of only 2 mm and with conformal cooling channels.

After printing, we are going to cut the threads for the assembly screws and immediately the insert will be send for through hardening.

We do not expect significant warpage during hardening. The part has minimal internal stresses since, for sintering, it was maintained for about 24 hours at 1400 degrees Celsius and then returned to ambient temperature through a controlled cooling curve in 12 hours.

After hardening it will be only necessary a finishing phaase in 5-Axis CNC.