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A component or even more an assembly of components designed and manufactured by traditional methods, has already incorporated all the compromises of the selected production process, both in functionality, aesthetics and in the assembly process.

In this case, the utilization of 3D printing offers only marginal advantages.

Making the best use of the potential of 3D Printing requires its integration from the early stages into the design or redesign of your products.

In these first steps of Additive Manufacturing, the obligation of those active in this sector is to help its development.

The Technical Department of Metal3D has the necessary know-how and the determination to provide you with all the necessary information and technical directions to help you integrate the possibilities of 3D printing in the design of your products.

Present your application to us, send us specifications and models, and we will tell you our opinion without any obligation of your own.

All information and models submited to us will be used exclusively for the purpose described above, will only be available to executives of our company who are covered by a confidentiality obligation and will be destroyed as soon as communication with you is completed or earlier as soon as you request it.


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