3D printed cavity insert for Injection Mold

Nikos Efentakis 10/10/2019

With three-dimensional printing, several sets of inserts were constructed for an injection molding mold for the production of a family of plastic injection articles.

Tool Insert

Plastic components are special cable guides and are produced for several different cable diameters.

Injection Molded plastic set of parts
We printed several different set of inserts for the different diameters of the cables.

Several hundred components have already been produced from the mold.

The printing material is the 17-4PH Stainless Steel with mechanical properties approaching those, of the common tooling steel 1.2312 (or as it is best known - Impax of Uddeholm)

After printing the inserts, a one-and-a-half hour machining was performed on a 5-axis CNC for the treatment of peripheral mold fitting surfaces, the parting surfaces and a special detail that required tolerances more tight than those delivered by the 3D metal printer.